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Glamping Domes vs Yurts - YeOldeVillage

Glamping Domes vs Yurts

Glamping Dome
Glamping Dome

The geodesic dome, more commonly referred to just as a camping dome is the modern competition to the yurt.

So a commonly asked question was always going to be: “Which is best?


First off we’ll start with the most obvious.

A 16ft yurt will cost about £3200 to buy outright, a 16ft dome about £3000. This will get you the basic shell. There will be  a similar costs for each for extras.

Glamping Yurt
Glamping Yurt

If you are just staying for the night then typically a yurt will cost £110-£120 a night, whilst the dome will cost £100-£110.

(costs vary wildly based on location, season and included extras)

So there isn’t too much in it, buying or staying. A yurt will generally cost a little more, which can mount up after a while.


If you are just wanting to stay in one, this may not be of too much importance. But this absolutely does affect how much you will pay per night for one.

Whilst the general shape of them is similar, the construction of a yurt and dome is very different.

Glamping Dome
Glamping Dome

Domes use less material to cover the same area compared to a yurt. Because of this they have a smaller surface to area ratio, which I will mention later. This ,means they are cheaper to cover with the same material.

Traditionally a yurt will have a structure made of wood, and a dome a metal structure. There are positives for both. The yurt will be easier to repair, a replacement wooden pole can easily be sourced and will fit right in. The joints and poles in a dome will cost more to purchase and be harder to find, but because of the design there will be less stress on each part as the load is shared equally. This will mean it is far less likely to break and could withstand much heavier loads.

So it’s win and lose for both.

Glamping Yurt
Glamping Yurt

What’s it like to stay in?

I have been asked this a fair bit, so I will answer it, even if there isn’t much to say!

Externally a yurt and a dome can look very similar. Internally they can too. What matters is how they have been presented, how they have been decorated and the style of furniture and heating included. Basically it all depends on what has been done to them


This is a big one for the UK with out unpredictable weather. Whether in the middle of winter or summer you still need to know how warm you will have to wrap up.

I have talked previously about yurt temperatures in winter here, which is worth a read if this section worries you.

As mentioned previously the geodesic design of a dome means it will naturally have a lower surface to volume ratio. This will mean a dome heats up faster, retains heat better, is affected by wind less and has better air circulation inside and so no cold spots.

Glamping Yurt
Traditional Mongolian Yurt

However it’s not quite that simple. How you cover the structure will be the most important factor in how warm it gets and stays. When you have ordered and bought your dome it’s very difficult to add further insulation on to it. With a yurt you have the option of adding more layers. It is still possible on a geodesic dome, but it will look odd and more importantly be quite hard to do. Traditional Mongolian yurts will have several layers on top of each other, and enable to occupants to comfortably survive incredibly low temperatures. Adding additional layers to a yurt looks better and is much easier to do.

So if you are buying one, then a yurt gives you much more choice in how to insulate it. If you are staying in one, then this decision has already been made for you. Lets hope they got it right!


You pay more for a yurt, whether buying or staying in one. For that you won’t get much extra. the layout will be similar, the temperature likely colder, the décor often similar with similar maintenance costs.

And so it comes down to aesthetics. This will always be pure personal choice. As more of a traditionalist, I prefer the romantic atmosphere a yurt creates. Given these structures are for glamping and not bargain bucket camping, the slight additional cost of a yurt is worth it for me.

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