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So Anglo Saxons didn't have windows right? - YeOldeVillage

So Anglo Saxons didn’t have windows right?

Having spent a a bit of time down at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village in Suffolk, one specific comment kept on being repeated by the staff and volunteers there:

There is no evidence for Anglo Saxons having windows.

West Stow
West Stow Hall

The windows that have been built into the buildings at West Stow have been done solely for the benefit of the staff and people reenacting Anglo Saxon times, therefore, these Anglo-Saxon buildings should not have windows.

Many a conversation I held came back to the point that there is no evidence for Anglo-Saxons having windows. However, there isn’t evidence for Anglo Saxons doing much in reality. Documentation of this period is sparse, the few bits being documented here. Unfortunately these do not mention people glancing out of a window, or putting their keys on the window shelf. In addition to a lack of evidence in these for windows, this also means there isn’t any evidence of roofing materials, shelves, beds or doors.

This doesn’t mean we should give up though.

The building  structures that have been unearthed, such as those at West Stow, mirror those of the Vikings. This isn’t to be unexpected as the vikings inhabited the north of England for a sizable period of time. As much of our language comes from the Vikings, our social construct, our genetic origin etc, using their architecture would only seem natural.

Viking Houses
Viking Houses

If we use he Viking buildings as a base, fortunately there is a lot more documentation of the Vikings that have survived the years.

From this documentation, Viking buildings have been recreated across Scandinavia. Many, but not all of these buildings have windows.

The word window… comes from Norse, “Vind Oga”. Having a word for such a thing would certainly suggest they knew what they were!

As discussed here, [Viking] windows were usually covered by shutters or, if rich enough, thinly scraped animal hides to let the light in.

West Stow Pit House
West Stow Pit House

I have talked previously about not thinking our predecessors were daft. To the contrary, we should expect them to be ingenious, just like us. If we struggle to carry out a daily routine in the pitch black of an Anglo-Saxon reconstruction building, then don’t you think they would?

It is for these reasons I would suggest evidence does exist for windows in Anglo-Saxon buildings, even if we don’t have any original buildings to directly compare against.

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